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Reading, spelling, and writing. Three of the pillars of any education; and all three of them can be enhanced significantly with the use of a dictionary. If you'd like to give your child an academic advantage, follow these tips to teach them how to use a dictionary as a learning tool.

How to Use a Dictionary to Learn

Sing the ABCs

For your child to use the dictionary, they need to know the order of the letters. Sing the ABC song with them, so they're familiar with it and can understand the way the dictionary is organized.

Choose a Dictionary

There are legal, medical, translation, and other types of dictionaries. However, for your child to succeed, for now, they need a pocket-size English dictionary they can take with them.

Learn About It

Once your child has a dictionary, sit with them and teach them how to use it. Let them know about the parts of speech, the thesaurus, and other dictionary components that could help them learn more.

Search for Words

To search for their first word, your child should take the first letter of the word they want to look up. Once they find it, tell them to notice the guide words on top to easily locate the word they're searching for.

Understand the Words

For your child to expand their vocabulary, they should understand what words mean. If they search for a definition but don't fully get it, encourage them to look up unknown words in the definition, so they can clear up the meaning and learn effectively.

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